Roof Cladding

What is Roof Cladding?


Roof cladding is used to give a weatherproof layer to your roof in order to stop the weather from getting into your home and causing damage, roof cladding is also used to give your roof a little bit of decoration. It  doesn’t just have to go on your home or commercial roof, it can also be done to gazebos, patios and sheds. Since your roof is one of the largest parts outside your home, you need to make sure you can settle for a colour long term. Take a look at our brilliant roofing related services today. For more information on cladding, take a look at this Wikipedia Page which tells you everything you need to know.


Different types of roof cladding


There are many choices you can pick from when having this method of roofing applied to your roof, the most common type people choose is metal cladding. The other reliable forms are plastic or fibreglass, all three are very flexible and make way for some great architectural opportunities.


Box Profile and Corrugated Sheets

  • Suitable for roof pitch of 7° or greater
  • Cover width 1M
  • Lengths are made to order – to the millimeter
  • Juniper Green and Slate Grey colour available in Polyester coated sheets
  • A large selection of colours available in PVC coated sheets
  • 0.5mm Polyester
  • 0.6mm Polyester
  • 0.5mm PVC
  • 0.7mm PVC
  • 1.3mm Polycarbonate Clear Sheets
  • 1.3mm Fibre Glass reinforced plastic clear sheets
  • Non-Drip coating optional
blue corrugated sheet with roof claddingbrown corrugated sheet with roof cladding

Tile Effect Sheets

  • Suitable for roof pitch 4° or greater
  • Cover width 1M Lengths are made to the nearest 13″.Contact us for list of available lengths
  • A large selection ofcolours available
  • 0.7mm PVC
  • Clear sheets are not available in this profile
  • Non-Drip Coating optional


tile effect sheets

Insulated Panel

  • Cover Width 1M Lengths are made to order – to the millimetre 40mm insulation Polyester or PVC outer finish
  • Internal white liner sheet
  • Clear insulated sheets available
insulated panel

Galvanised Sheets

  • Cover 2’6″ width 0.55mm 0.70mm
  • Lengths are made to order
galvanised sheets

Fibre Cement Sheets

  • Suitable for roof pitch 5° or greater Cover width 1M
  • Specific lengths up to 10ft.
  • Contact us for details.
  • Replaces the old asbestos sheets
  fibre cement sheets